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Our company was founded in 2017 by two members with the goal of providing IT solutions, including e-commerce, static, and dynamic websites, to merchants. Using various Content Management Systems (CMS) and PHP frameworks, we designed and developed websites for our clients. However, we encountered limitations and complications with these tools, leading us to create our own product, the 'Web Platform.' This platform was specifically designed to address the unique needs of each merchant and provide customized website solutions.

A key feature of the Web Platform is free hosting, allowing merchants to host their website with us at no additional cost. This frees up their resources and budget for other critical aspects of their business. The Web Platform also offers customization options to meet the specific requirements of each merchant, including the design, functionality, and features of the website, aligned with their business goals.

The Web Platform facilitates integration with third-party systems, such as the Sodexo Payment Gateway, Shopify, Paypal, or local payment options, as required by the merchant. This ensures seamless integration and efficient transactions for their customers.

Our team of talented designers and developers collaborates with each merchant to design and develop their website according to their specifications. They ensure that the final product is user-friendly and provides a positive experience for both the merchant and their customers. Our well-structured e-commerce solution allows merchants to easily upload their products and start selling on their own domain and subdomain.

In addition to website development, our team provides support for third-party integration and plugin development. This enables merchants to further customize and optimize their website to meet their specific needs and goals. By offering these services, we aim to provide a comprehensive and hassle-free solution for our clients.


Website Development

Techskype offers affordable website development services tailored to meet the specific needs of each industry. Get custom solutions now.

Mobile Application's

Techskype: Your Reliable Partner for Cutting-Edge Mobile App Development and Responsive Website Design Across Industries at Affordable Prices.

Website Design

Make a Strong First Impression with Techskype's Professional Website Design - Delivering a Seamless User Experience for Your Visitors.

Digital Marketing

Fuel Your Business Growth with Techskype's Top-Ranked Digital Marketing Solutions - Elevating Your Online Presence with Unique Promotional Strategies.

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E-commerce Solution

Empower Your E-Commerce Business with Techskype's All-In-One Online Platform - Sell, Manage Inventory and Showcase Your Shop with Customizable Templates on Your Own Domain.

Consultation Solution

Streamline Your Consulting Business with Techskype's Appointment Management Solution - Effortlessly Schedule and Manage Your Time.

Reservation Management

Maximize Your Productivity with Techskype's Professional Appointment Management Solution - Effortless Scheduling, Instant Booking Notifications, and Quick Enquiry Response.

App/Plugin Developement

Boost Your Online Presence with Techskype's Custom WordPress and Shopify App/Plugin Development - Enhancing Your Website and Integrating with Third-Party Solutions.



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